Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creativity 365

No pictures today. I worked on my cable knit cashmere scarf that I am 3/4 done with and now feel inspired to finish. I will try to post a picture in the next couple days. I want to share some of responses I have got from my friends out there.
I love the stories of what inspire people to be creative. My sister-in-law makes cards...they are beautiful, as I have been a recipient of one. She has been making a card once a week for her friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer--a labor of love is what she calls it.

Today, my friend Susan Parsons has been inspired to try a new recipe for grilled vegetable quesadilla's---sounds yummy and healthy too. Susan has an esty shop where she displays and sells vernacular photography. The photos are so great...check them out. http://primelias.etsy.com

Thanks to Tracy and Susan for becoming a follower of my blog. They are the first two to be entered into my "flying through hoops" earring giveaway.

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