Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be Creative for your MOM

This Sunday is Mother's Day! I get my love of jewelry from my Mom. She wake up everyday and right after breakfast she puts on her jewelry. She carefully takes each piece from her jewelry box and decides if this is the one she wants to wear today.
She is like a kid, when every I visit...She asks " Did you bring me any new jewelry?"
For special occasions I like to make her something new.
The two necklaces below are what I make from my Mom and for Peter's Mom (she loves jewelry too!).
A beautiful silver pendent on a black silk ribbon accent with thai silver beads

This is purple necklace on the left is for my mom. She like to wear color and I though the purple and green looked great together.

The bracelet below is for me! I was very inspired by the silk ribbon. The ribbon was hand dyed and it gave cool effect to the ribbon and the thai silver is a great effect
I hope some of these new creations inspire you to be creative for your Mom!