Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Creations

I was very busy today. I needed to catch up on repairs today, so those of you who have jewelry with me you will be getting it back...finally. Actually, it is always fun to give people back there jewelry as good as new. They are so excited to have there favorite piece back.

So, I went to a local bead fair this weekend. I went because I needed a couple specific things I have not been able to find online. Not only did I get some Thai Silver for the silk ribbon bracelets

I been making, but I was drawn to some beautiful gem stones. The gem stones took me back to my early days of beading. When I thought about it...I 've been making jewelry for almost 20 years. I remember going to some of my first bead stores in Chicago.
I was inspired to make some simple gem stone and silver necklaces. They are very casual and are great for everyday and they also goes great with active wear.
I will be working on getting then on my etsy site later tonight or tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!