Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Time

Hope all is well. It finally feels alittle like fall here. Sunny and cool, very nice.
Peter and I had a great wkd. Saturday we went to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival. We made it in time for the parade and got to see the winner of the biggest pumplin winner up close. This year the pumpkin was 1500+ lbs WOW
We wondered around enjoy all the wonderful crafts and we sampled some pumpkin ale. Here is a picture of Farmer Mike carving a really big pumkin
Hummm interesting a square pumpkin
Peter is modeling a pumpkin beret..he is practicing for our vaction in a few weeks. I think he will leave the pumpkin t-shirt home...I don't think it is in fashion in Paris.
We also bought our pumpkin for the season.

Next Wkd we are getting NEW CARPETING...very exciting, so we spent Sunday organizing and trying to get prepared to essentially move out and move back in all in one day. The people who are putting the carpet will move the big stuff but we have to make sure all the little stuff is boxed up. Ugg

So stay tune next wkd for some pictures of the carpet guys...hee hee

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry, I have been a delinquent blogger

We have been very buzy. Friends Julia and Tiago from Chicago came to visit in late September. It was great fun to see them and catch up. We worked with them at the Ritz-Carlton way back when and have been friends since. it's always fun to have visitor, so you have an excuse to be a tourist in our own town.

At the end of Sept,I spent the night in Somona with my friend Angela and Gloria...a girls night out and slumber party. We went to some winery and out to a great dinner. We all work together and it was fun to get away and spend some time together away from work. Here are the girls among the barrels

We spent the first weekend in October in SF at home...hard to believe. It was nice to hang around the house. We had friends over for brunch and got hear about Sylvia and Steve honeymoon in Argentina. I also had an appointment with the owner of a new shop on Union Street and she loved my jewelry line, she will be purchasing several items for her shop.

Last weekend we met Peter's parents in LA. It's great, each fall we meet in a different city. In the past few years we have based the selection of the city on presidential libraries. This year we visited the nixon library in Yerba Linda, CA. Always something new to learn. We visited Hollywood and looked at all the stars on the sidewalk, we went to the Getty Musuem which is stunning and explored the La Brea Tar pits. Peter's nephew and his wife live in Highand and came up to have dinner with us in the city. It was great seeing them.

Well I think we are all caught up. Enjoy a couple more picture

Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Badgers...Wisconsin WIns!!!

It's time for college football. It has been a tradition for many years for us to attend the west coast non- conference University of Wisconsin Football game.
This yearwe made the trip to Fresno State (Hawaii would have been better...maybe next year).
Peter's Nephew, Richard, and his wife Chrisy are also alumni of Wisconsin and they made the trip to California to go to the game too!!
Boy was it a good game...Fresno State is actually pretty good and the Fresno State fans were serious. Badger fan made a good showing and we held our own. Enjoy some picture from the game.

GO BADGERS!!!The stadium was packed...a sea of red. Fresno's colors were also red and white.BADGERS WIN!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

What a spectacular weekend. Our very good friends Stephen and Sylvia tied the knot in South Lake Tahoe. Peter and I drove up on Friday to join the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner. The lake was calm and the sky was blue Enjoy some pictures of a fabulous evening. The food and drinks were great and it was fun to visit with all the other guests who came up for the wkd.

What a great picture...Beth, Stephen, Sylvia, Peter, Theresa and Eric. What great friends we have!!Say Hi to Trang, Andrew and sweet little Alyssa. What a beautiful Family and they will soon be welcoming another little one!!The Bride and Groom to be...Happy Faces.

On Saturday Peter and I took the Gondola to the top of Heavenly Ski Resort and took in the beautiful sites. We went to up 9000 feet. I'm not a skier, so it was really up there for me. I think to see it with all the snow would be great too.


So, off to the Edgewood for an evening wedding. It was breath taking and I have to say a few tear were shed by me. Stephen and Sylvia were surrounded by friends and family from here to Vietnam. They were blessed to have the ceremony performed by a special family friend, Jana, who had many heart felt words for the bride and was truly memorable. After the wedding ceremony the couple and the families participated in a Asian tradition of a tea ceremony. Tea is served to the elders of the familyby the bride and groom and the elders bestow good wishes and life advise to the married couple. Certainly a memorable moment for the bride and groom.
Some big smiles from the guests

The reception was super fun!! The dinner was delicious and the cake was out of this world...RED VELVET cake is my new favorite. And we danced the rest of the night to work off all the calories. The bride and groom changed in to traditional chinese dress for the dance. I love a good costume change!! hee hee.

lots of good dental work....sparkling smilesOMG...the cake! The bride poses for the camera with Rick and Cathy

The happy couple enjoying a dance.

We are truely blessed to have been part of a very special weekend and wish the happy couple a life time of happiness. We can't wait to hear all about the honeymoon in Argentina

Monday, September 1, 2008

Everybody Loves a Long Weekend

What are they calling it...a staycation. We are stying home for the labor day wkd or at least we stayed in the area.
Friday (yep, I had Friday off too), I got the opportunity to see the Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. Chihuly is an amazing glass artist and the shapes and colors were truly inspiring. I enjoyed the exhibit with my friend Angela, along with her mom and dad.
Friday night I got to have a date...with Peter. We went to see Vicky Christina Barcelona...Woody Allen's latest film. Peter and I are Woody Allen fans and we both liked this film. Very beautiful, passionate, and thoughtful. It reminds us that in real life not everything ends up all tied up in a bow.

Saturday, we spent the day close to home. Housework and errands. I also took the sometime to work on some jewelry. I love to use my torch. I fused fine silver, making circles for my jewelry creations. I am also working with texturing the circles and stamping them with new designs...stay tuned. Here is a photo of me working with my torch.

Sunday we met up with friend Vicki and Lida for Sunday brunch. What a beautiful morning, we dined al fresco at Zazie in Cole Valley. It was sunny and warm and the food was fabulous. Peter and I headed down the peninsula to go for a hike at Russian Ridge Open Space. The hike was from alpine lake to horseshoe lake. The view was spectacular... the golden hills and the shade of the trees. We packed a little picnic and had dinner overlooking the lake.

It is really fun sleeping least to 8. Monday, we stayed close to home again. We had to spend time getting ready for our apartment to get painted. Always amazing to me how they manage to paint with people living in the house...we'll see how we are after four days of paint fumes. We end the wkd with a lovely dinner and more work...dishes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost forgot...Sunday in Pacifica

We had a super visit with our friends Jen, Cher and Mattie. We all enjoyed a walk along the Pacific ocean. Jenn is the human, Cher (black) and Mattie (white).
The pups are sooooooo cute we love spending time with all the girls. Where's the black one?

Busy week, Busy Weekend

Work and life had me very buzy last week. Peter and I went to the Drowsy Chaparone, really fun silly musical/play. Thursday I went to metalwork class and learned some new techniques to hammer and embellish silver. I learned to rivit and great tricks to get a design hammered into silver sheet. Check out my website of new stuff.

Friday, we spent the evening with our friend Angela , Sergio, Vicki and Sophia in San Mateo. A yummy dinner at the local mexician resturant Celia's...margarita's are a great way to end a week and start a weekend. I forgot my camera...:-(
Saturday Night was GNO (girls night out). Theresa and I took our great friend Sylvia out. we missed her bridal shower. It was more fun to have her all to ourselves. We started out with drinks at our friends Vicki's house. Check out all the smiles and laughs

The Bride and Theresa and I headed off for Dinner at Picco. It was amazing, heirloom tomatoes, risotto made to order and sweet little mikeshake and hot out of the oven chocolate madelines. We gossiped, laughed and had a great time. Ask Sylvia, if she liked her silky black teddy!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where in the world is Karen Kadowaki??

We found Karen safe and sound, tucked away in the quant town of Pacific Grove. Karen descibes it as Mayberry RFD...cuz it bigger then just Andy.

We spent Saturday wondering Monterey, Pacific Grove and was beautiful and sunny. Karen took us to a local spot for lunch and we had possible the best grilled cheese ever.

Karen's little house is super cute and she has a little backyard and a fire pit.

We also visited the grounds of the Quail Lodge where Karen is currently working. Karen has become quite the small town girl and woodsy too!!

We sure had fun reconnecting with a great friend Karen...we calculated...we have been friends for almost 20 years!!! We can't wait til karen comes to visit us inf's only a hop skip and jump away!