Sunday, March 7, 2010

Creativity 365 Everyone can be Creative

Today, I want to tell you about some creative activities and creative people.

Ahhh...a young bride to be. Who really wants to play those silly games at a bridal shower anyway. I came up with an activity that would double as a shower favor! I bought sweet little earring kits from artful soul for each of the people who attended the shower. During the shower everyone spent sometime being creative. I had bought some inexpensive tools so everyone could share them and work on the earrings together. It was fun to see people get excited about something they made!

This gorgeous baby blanket was made by my friend Vickie for one of her dear friends who just had a bouncing baby boy. I love the non-traditional
color can get boring. Although Vickie has a demanding job she finds time in the evening and weekends to keep her creative juices flowing. This will be something little Jacob can treasure for a lifetime

I am looking forward to featuring many creative people on my blog. I hope everyone is spending sometime everyday being creative!!