Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creativity 365 Knitting

Here are a couple pictures of a knit scarf I am making for myself. I am determined to get it done so I can wear it when I visit winter over the holidays. I treated myself to cashmere yarn. it is super soft and lush.

How many knitters do I have out there? I love knitting and I especially like to do cable knitting. I think people see cable knitting and think it is really hard, but it is one of those things that looks harder then is. There are time when I like to do a simple knit-purl stitch and not have to count or follow a just knit. The repetition is calming. Other times I like to be deliberate and percise and follow a pattern. But really cable knitting is easy and I challenge all my friend who knit to kick it up a notch and try a new stitch!!

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I wish I had time to sit down and learn to knit...maybe when Masie goes to college I'll have a little more free time.