Monday, November 2, 2009

Creativity 365 Fall Flying

I was so excited to get home and create. I have pictures of the necklace I was making over the weekend and I make a pair of earring that will go with everything. I am really into birds! I have been adding them to many of my designs
I am thinking of entering this necklace into the Vintaj "Autumn Nights" The November design contest. I need to try to get some better pictures. The little flowers are golden and remind me of how the sun competes with the night at this time of the year and the sky is golden in the late afternoon.
I will be posting both of these items on my etsy site later tonight if you are interested in buying them for your fall jewelry
I hope I inspired you to create something. Tell me what you created and I will share it.

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seedlingsjewelry said...

These turned out beautifully!