Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010...a New Year of Creativity 365

Creativity 365 is my blog about doing something creative everyday. Whether is art, craft, vocation or activity, it is about what motivates you and keeps you inspired. Being an educator allows me to be creative at work and designing jewelry keeps me creative at home. Creativity feeds my soul.
It's a New Year and everyone is talking about resolutions. I feel like resolutions at the beginning of a year sets you up for changes everyday, so what was important one day may not be what you are working on the next. Make mini resolutions, maybe it is one you set each week or each day! If your resolution is to be healthier don't just say you are going to eat healthy and exercise. Set mini goals each, I am going to walk 30 minutes or I am going to learn a new receipe.
Set mini goals to be creative everyday...take a class, pull out that yarn you bought last year and ditch the idea to make a sweater with the yarn and use that yarn to make scarves, neck warmers, and coffee cup cozy's or organize all your jewelry and take apart some of the necklaces you never wear and make something new out of them!!
I'm always asking you to share your creations with me, so I want to share a couple creation from my friends.
My sister-in-law is a scraper..she makes beautiful
cards and I especially love this one because I am crazy about birds right now. Fly Free!

I went to a Christmas cookie exchange and my friend Sylvia made these AMAZING window pane cookies. They are so vibrant and absolute gorgeous. If these don't inspire you...I don't know what will!! And they tasted good too!

I have been inspired by vintage jewelry lately. I remember as a child I use to love to look through my mom's jewelry box at all the old--vintage jewelry she had. Boy, I wish I knew what happen to all those beautiful treasures. I have been making pieces for my Modern Vintage line on etsy and I am doing a lot of research about reposing vintage jewelry...I'm excited to start collecting vintage jewelry pieces to incorporate into my "new" pieces. In the meantime take a look at some of these beauties

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