Sunday, January 17, 2010

Organization and Inspiration-Creativity 365

As many of you know part of the creative process is being both organized and inspired. I have spent much of my creative time this month trying to get organized. With limited space it becomes a domino effect. To organize one thing you have to clean out something else. I have bought alot of different types of storage containers, I am not in love with any of them, but they do the job. Part of the organization challenge is I have to pull out things and I make a huge mess all over the house and then I have to put everything away. I wish I had a studio, a dedicated room for all my craft and jewelry supplies.
There is a certain amount of inspiration that comes from looking at all your supplies and pulling things out you haven't seen in a while, so it is all good.
If anyone out there has organization tips let me know and I will share them on my blog in the future.

I also continue to be inspired by all my fellow artist/crafters. I am addicted to reading blogs, my daily reading list is getting longer and longer. Some of my very favorites are vintaj, lillyella, anthology, amy hanna, french press knits.
These are just a few and I will share more later, but check
these out. It is just inspiring to know that "handmade" is alive and well.

I have been neglecting my etsy shop, but I do hope you will continue to stop by to see what is new. Here are a couple of the beauties that are available.

I have tons of new designs swirling around in my head. I also am planning a to revamp this blog page. Additionally, I think I am going to give photoshop a try!
There are not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do!!
Creativity 365...

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