Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry, I have been a delinquent blogger

We have been very buzy. Friends Julia and Tiago from Chicago came to visit in late September. It was great fun to see them and catch up. We worked with them at the Ritz-Carlton way back when and have been friends since. it's always fun to have visitor, so you have an excuse to be a tourist in our own town.

At the end of Sept,I spent the night in Somona with my friend Angela and Gloria...a girls night out and slumber party. We went to some winery and out to a great dinner. We all work together and it was fun to get away and spend some time together away from work. Here are the girls among the barrels

We spent the first weekend in October in SF at home...hard to believe. It was nice to hang around the house. We had friends over for brunch and got hear about Sylvia and Steve honeymoon in Argentina. I also had an appointment with the owner of a new shop on Union Street and she loved my jewelry line, she will be purchasing several items for her shop.

Last weekend we met Peter's parents in LA. It's great, each fall we meet in a different city. In the past few years we have based the selection of the city on presidential libraries. This year we visited the nixon library in Yerba Linda, CA. Always something new to learn. We visited Hollywood and looked at all the stars on the sidewalk, we went to the Getty Musuem which is stunning and explored the La Brea Tar pits. Peter's nephew and his wife live in Highand and came up to have dinner with us in the city. It was great seeing them.

Well I think we are all caught up. Enjoy a couple more picture

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