Monday, September 1, 2008

Everybody Loves a Long Weekend

What are they calling it...a staycation. We are stying home for the labor day wkd or at least we stayed in the area.
Friday (yep, I had Friday off too), I got the opportunity to see the Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. Chihuly is an amazing glass artist and the shapes and colors were truly inspiring. I enjoyed the exhibit with my friend Angela, along with her mom and dad.
Friday night I got to have a date...with Peter. We went to see Vicky Christina Barcelona...Woody Allen's latest film. Peter and I are Woody Allen fans and we both liked this film. Very beautiful, passionate, and thoughtful. It reminds us that in real life not everything ends up all tied up in a bow.

Saturday, we spent the day close to home. Housework and errands. I also took the sometime to work on some jewelry. I love to use my torch. I fused fine silver, making circles for my jewelry creations. I am also working with texturing the circles and stamping them with new designs...stay tuned. Here is a photo of me working with my torch.

Sunday we met up with friend Vicki and Lida for Sunday brunch. What a beautiful morning, we dined al fresco at Zazie in Cole Valley. It was sunny and warm and the food was fabulous. Peter and I headed down the peninsula to go for a hike at Russian Ridge Open Space. The hike was from alpine lake to horseshoe lake. The view was spectacular... the golden hills and the shade of the trees. We packed a little picnic and had dinner overlooking the lake.

It is really fun sleeping least to 8. Monday, we stayed close to home again. We had to spend time getting ready for our apartment to get painted. Always amazing to me how they manage to paint with people living in the house...we'll see how we are after four days of paint fumes. We end the wkd with a lovely dinner and more work...dishes.

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