Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy week, Busy Weekend

Work and life had me very buzy last week. Peter and I went to the Drowsy Chaparone, really fun silly musical/play. Thursday I went to metalwork class and learned some new techniques to hammer and embellish silver. I learned to rivit and great tricks to get a design hammered into silver sheet. Check out my website of new stuff.

Friday, we spent the evening with our friend Angela , Sergio, Vicki and Sophia in San Mateo. A yummy dinner at the local mexician resturant Celia's...margarita's are a great way to end a week and start a weekend. I forgot my camera...:-(
Saturday Night was GNO (girls night out). Theresa and I took our great friend Sylvia out. we missed her bridal shower. It was more fun to have her all to ourselves. We started out with drinks at our friends Vicki's house. Check out all the smiles and laughs

The Bride and Theresa and I headed off for Dinner at Picco. It was amazing, heirloom tomatoes, risotto made to order and sweet little mikeshake and hot out of the oven chocolate madelines. We gossiped, laughed and had a great time. Ask Sylvia, if she liked her silky black teddy!!!

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